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Syd Birnie - Director

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Each year we spend 90% of our time in buildings or cars, yet many of our buildings are still being designed today in ways that can still create issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), depression and lung disease.

Taking a Biophilic Design approach, harnessing natural building materials such as timber, can have a very positive effect on the building occupants.

Studies have confirmed that: Workers in offices with wooden interiors conveyed feelings of innovation, energy, and comfort, whilst workers in offices without wood conveyed feelings of their environment being impersonal and uncomfortable. Similar studies have been carried out on education buildings, where a more relaxed and positive learning experience is gained through the use of timber, as opposed to conventional plasterboard type finished.

We show some examples of how expressing structural timber can not only offer stunning aesthetics and a carbon reduction solution, but also offer truly healthier internal environments.

Speaker biography

Syd has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years and many of that has been around the use of timber materials, imported from across Scandinavia and Europe.

He is passionate about what Glulam Solutions does and how the company can effect change across what is still a very traditional building industry. He is keen to challenge perceptions that better does not always have to cost more.

Glulam Solutions offers clients environmentally sensitive and sustainable building solutions using “mass timber” technologies and they work predominantly on commercial projects across the UK.

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