Paul Duddy

Paul Duddy - Managing Director

Speaker biography

Paul is the managing director of Hypervine a company building digital applications for the construction industry.

Paul started his career in architecture and then drainage before moving into the technology world where he has worked for some of the world's leading startups in 3D printing and pharmaceutical analytics. Having diversified experience means that Paul could blend these experiences together to build a product tailored for the construction industry.

Paul started Hypervine in 2018 to build an app that was lightweight, easy to use and would help construction companies increase their profit margins while managing quality better. Paul realised that he could apply the Marginal Gains Theory to the construction industry – a theory made famous by British Cycling’s incredible success. The idea is to improve operations by 1% across activities, this small increase across activities can lead to compounding gains over time and you may make double figure savings. Logo

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