Eirini Atmatzidou

Eirini Atmatzidou - Design Officer

Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS)


"There are no sustainable materials", said Björn Florman, founder of Stockholm’s Materials Library.

Is there any truth in this controversial statement? And if so, what is the purpose of Architecture and Design Scotland’s Library of Sustainable Materials?

Architecture and Design Scotland is the Scottish Government’s design champion. We bring people together to create better places to live, learn and be in and we believe in the power of design to improve people’s lives. In this session, we explore what the term sustainability entails in the context of building materials and try to get a glimpse of promising prototypes and materials of the future.

Speaker biography

Eirini studied architecture and qualified as an Architect Engineer in Greece, where she worked as an architect and stage designer before moving to Scotland. She holds an MSc in Material Practice from the University of Edinburgh (ESALA), where she had the chance to experiment extensively with a combination of traditional and cutting-edge fabrication processes and techniques.

She specialises in materials and sustainable design and is currently working as a Design Officer at Architecture and Design Scotland on a wide range of projects, including the Library of Sustainable Materials and Scotland’s exhibition at the Venice Biennale. As a part-time tutor, she is guiding postgraduate architecture students to develop and explore their own research questions at the Architectural Technology Research course at Edinburgh University.

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