Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry

A key theme of this year's Build It Aberdeen 2020 Conference is the digitalisation of the construction industry. With the event itself taking place online in response to current live restrictions, we're excited to see what our speakers have to say about this exciting topic.

One speaker is Dr Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering and Computing at the University of the West of Scotland. He will share his thoughts on how far the industry has come, and how far it still needs to go.

"Certainly, the industry needs to move quickly as the industry is lagging in terms of technological adoption.

"The industry doesn't have the skills and knowledge, particularly at senior/leadership levels, for embracing digital transformation. There is an urgent need for training and skills developments to support businesses on how to digitally transform, in addition to promoting a diverse workforce and diverse thinking."

So what type of skills does Dr Abdel-Wahab think are required?

"I find it exciting that the industry increasingly needs game developers, animators, data analysts, and 3D modellers. This change requires the sector to collaborate more and particularly know how to work in multidisciplinary teams.

"Technology is evolving at a swift pace. Some of the most exciting advancements include highly interactive virtual reality home showrooms; using Mixed Reality (MR) for stair lift surveying and manufacturing; eye-tracking/VR for health and safety training, and the use of machine learning for predicting project delays."

It's clear that digital transformation is an important topic to discuss at this year's virtual conference, as Dr Abdel-Wahab explains:

"The industry is evolving quickly, particularly given the situation with COVID. Thus, the industry should be made aware of how emerging digital technologies can help support their business in such uncertain times."

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