Achieving Sustainability by Building with Meaning: Greyhope Bay

Dr Fiona McIntyre set up Greyhope Bay with the ambition of connecting and engaging communities with the marine wildlife and environment we have on our doorstep.

Based in Torry, the company is working on delivering a marine experience centre and community space with the best view of the area’s bottlenose dolphins.

Sustainability is at the heart of Greyhope Bay, and we’re delighted to welcome Fiona to Build It Aberdeen 2020 as she presents ‘Build with Meaning – A Flagship Community Amenity Demonstrating New Technologies and Sustainable Practice’:

“Build with meaning is about going beyond aesthetic and function; it is to consider the importance of both placemaking and social impact when we build.

“The project has progressed and continues to be built on collaboration and community empowerment at its heart. Our process and structure for inclusion have tested the shape and form of both our strategy and design. And it is in this way we are building community ownership such that the project will have a social impact that continually responds to community need. This building will be resilient throughout its lifetime.”

Working for six years at the Marine Lab in Torry, Fiona spent many lunchtimes walking the headland around Torry Battery:

“It was a place with stunning views of Aberdeen Harbour, beach and coast and a place where I would see dolphins jumping – an incredible sight summer or winter. Realising that the south side of the harbour has not many facilities or ways to invite locals or visitors to experience this beautiful area and incredible wildlife, I was motivated to see what could be done. In my pursuit of this, I was supported by a clear resonance locally across communities. The goal was always to create a means and a place to reconnect with our coast.”

And in realising her vision, Fiona ensured that every choice made had sustainability at its core:

“We needed to recognise that to achieve the same quality of function and form; we would have to think outside the box and get creative. Good collaboration helps to accomplish this, and we have been fortunate to be working with JCE Energy who are designing a green power solution for our facility. JCE has guided us on difficult choices on what we can reasonably power given our site limitations. This includes opting for a unique part gas-powered barista coffee machine as a low power appliance which allows us to make café quality coffee still, rather than have to settle for a filter.

“Sustainability is an important topic to discuss as we need to share experiences, from what we learn about how to make sustainable choices to the opportunities those choices can create. That’s why we’re thrilled to be a part of the Build It Aberdeen 2020 Programme.”

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