A platform to engage on the key issues currently affecting the construction industry

Aberdeen’s Construction and Property Conference, Build It, took place in a new and exciting digital format in 2020, allowing industry experts to share knowledge, expertise and innovations with the industry. The Industry has faced the challenges of Covid-19 head on, and it has never been more important for us to come together to share learnings.

Backed by industry bodies as well as a broad spectrum of companies working in the field, Build It continues to encourage open honest and thoughtful communication surrounding important topics affecting the industry.

The role of technology and digitalisation in securing a sustainable future

Build It 2019 brought in case studies on sustainability, an increasingly important consideration for not just the construction industry, but for all industries on a global scale. Build It Aberdeen 2020 took the discussion even further, addressing the role of technology and digitalisation in securing a sustainable future for construction.

With the current global crisis, companies have not only opted to use new ways of communicating, innovating and working digitally but have had no choice in that matter. In these highly challenging times, construction companies are coming together and trying new things to ensure results for all stakeholders – for their customers, for their partners and for the multiskilled employees behind every single project.

Watch the official video from last year's conference to find out more:

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